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Are You Ready To Drive Traffic To Your Weight Loss Business?

The 1-888-BURNFAT Vanity Number Will Do Just That!

Do you have a great weight loss program running and want to give it an extra boost? Are you ready to make your current advertising over 30% more effective? Do you want your business to appear much more credible than it currently does? A vanity number has the ability to do all of these things and more while still being very affordable!

Vanity numbers have been delivering huge results to the businesses that choose to utilize them for decades. Regardless of what advertising medium you choose to advertise via, vanity numbers instantly make you more successful. Why? Consumers are much more likely to be able to remember two words such as “burn fat” before they are able to remember a bunch of different numbers. You personally probably know the vanity numbers of several different businesses, even if you have never even called. How about 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-888-DIRECTV? On the other hand, do you know any company’s number memorized that does not have a vanity number? Most likely not!

Consumers are bombarded with hundreds of advertisements each day and there is just so much information they can take in. Under normal circumstances, they are also not giving them their undivided attention. By having a vanity number like 1-888-BURNFAT, they don’t have to memorize a bunch of numbers…just TWO words! Not to mention, “burn fat” is a phrase that grabs the attention of virtually everyone who wants to lose weight!

Here are some additional benefits of having a vanity number:

  • Marketing campaigns are more efficient and effective
  • Sales increase
  • Brand recognition is enhanced
  • Customer recall of toll-free number heightens
  • Company's image is improved
  • Attract attention
  • Easy to remember

You can't possibly expect your customers to memorize how to contact you when they have to remember a bunch of different numbers. Make it easy on them! With our vanity number they only have to memorize BURN FAT, which is a phrase that will stick in their minds, especially if they want to lose weight!

Call us today, we're more than ready to help you drive more traffic to your weight loss business!

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